Teak and Stainless Tables


Latest project: coffee table and end tables in teak and stainless.

The teak tops are made from reclaimed wood. I got them built but unfinished from The Wooden Duck in Berkeley during their going out of business sale. I finished them with polyurethane and added the round-over to the edge.

The stainless steel bases are my own design. After fabrication, I had them electropolished at Advanced Electropolishing Technologies.

Cal Table

Next welding project was a base for a new kitchen table.

The table top was made by The Wooden Duck from wood reclaimed from the Cal Memorial Stadium.  The top is 42 x 72 inches, and is 2.25 inches thick.

The table bed is made from 1.5 x 4 inch steal tubes, and the legs are made from 3 x 3 inch tubes. The table legs conceal leveling feet that are recessed into the legs, preserving the simple lines of base.  The table top is simply bolted onto the table bed with some lag screws hidden in the tubes.

This is a very sturdy table.  The whole thing probably weighs between 200 and 300 pounds.   If you can’t get out of the house, go under this table in the next earthquake.

Welding Cart

I think it’s almost a rule that your first project after you get a welding machine will be welding related.  Usually a welding table, or a welding cart.    In my case, it’s a welding cart.  (I have ideas for a table, but I expect that to be a larger project.)

Nothing fancy.  Angle iron, expanded metal shelves, wheels, and powder coat.   Short enough to fit under my work bench.  Large enough to hold the machine, gas, foot pedal, tungsten sharpener, and all the cables.

The Crucible: Art of the One Speed

I recently took the bicycle frame building class at The Crucible. The frame is a TIG welded chromoly steel frame with mountain bike geometry and horizontal rear drop outs.  I plan to build it up as my “around town” bike.   My later welds are definitely better than my earlier ones, and I learned a lot in this class.

Thanks go to our instructors, Rusty and Warren.  Thanks and art credit goes to my sister, Rose.

Pictures! (And more to come later.)