Hello, and welcome to the landing page for Carl’s GPS Spot.  GPS spot is a GPS location tracker with one way communication.  With this tracker you can follow my location here:…

I can also send short messages.   If you are here as a result of email sent from the device, I can’t respond to you or provide any more information.   The messages are pre-canned.  I can only send one of the four messages below:

  • Check-in – Everything is fine.  Just a routine “here I am” check-in.
  • Custom Check-in – Everything is fine. Custom check-in message, which probably means I’ve reached a notable milestone on my trip, such as a mountain top or a finish line.
  • Help – I need help. My situation is not life threatening, but if I am sending this it means I am really stuck and I need someone to get me.  I may send this if I’ve suffered a mechanical break down I cannot field repair or I am otherwise stranded. When someone gets to me, I will send one of the above “OK” messages to let everyone know I’ve been helped.  Since I do not have two-way communications, I cannot provide more details or coordinate among those who receive this message.
  • SOS/Emergency – I REALLY need help.  Call 911.  I am injured or otherwise need emergency assistance. If you get message, the GPS Spot service is supposed to alert local authorities, but I’m not sure how reliable they are, and I expect that any of my friends reading this message will know more about my situation. You should also call the authorities in my area and apprise them of my plans.

Happy travels!

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